Well. I suggest you want to know a bit about us, that's behind the cattery Sidentassen (silkpaw in English), and the family too.

My name is Ann-Charlotte but everyone calls me Lotta.
I am married to my BIG love Hans, who also is a part of S*Sidentassen cattery.

We live 140 km west of Stockholm (the capital of Sweden), not far from Västerås, in a village called Surahammar.

We have two children, Jessica & Fredrik, who both are our proud and joy.

Jessica and her boyfriend Micke lives in Västerås with her daughters Maya and Freya..

Fredrik lives in Alingsås with his wife Mikaela.
They have 3 children, one girl Nova and her brother Collin and their littlesister Penny.

 I (Lotta) used to work in hospital as a psychiatric nurse and I have also (for a shorter time) been working at the animal hospital in Kalmar.

Now my husband and I are so old that we don't need to work anymore and we enjoy our life together with our animals :-)

I am really happy having our 4-paw friends around my feet all the day, they really makes the life worth living.

All our cats lives free in the house, they can be wherever they want, they eat with us sleeps with us, and follow our days:-)

I love the bi-colors and also tabby and silver, and it has been my goal to breed lovely and healthy cats in these colors.
All with the sweet open look that's so special for the persian and exotics.
I do not have so many litters each year, because my health is stopping me from that.

Our cattery has been APPROVED by the SWEDISH WELFARE AGENCY in April 2005 , 2012 and 2017, according to the Swedish law.

We are also a diplomated cattery by Sverak (Fife)

The cattery is PKD-DNA tested free and we do ultrascan their hearts every second year for HCM.

Well my husband and I, hope that you will have a pleasant time when you surf around our site.

IF you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an e-mail or give us a call.

                       Your Sincerely,




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